Thursday, August 26, 2010

Roller Coasters and Cute Little Grandmothers

Extreme ends of the spectrum in some ways and the caps on my last 24 hours. I rode 4 of the thrill rides at CedarPoint amusement park yesterday before deciding that I really wasn't up for the other 14 on the list. I have always wanted to go to this amusement park specifically because of its roller coaster reputation. Just wish I had done it about 20 years ago when there was less noticeable impact on my body! Screaming like a little kid is still well within my capabilities it turns out. It was a lot of fun and I probably should have ridden as many of the rides as time would have allowed.
On the return flight home today I sat next to the cutest grandmother on her way to visit her 5 year old grandson Adam. She shared that she was surprised that at her age she only had one grandchild and that he was only 5! (I estimated that she was probably about 88-90 years old). She really needed to go potty and was stymied by the fasten seat belt sign that was left on extraordinarily long by the pilot. Then she got locked in the bathroom, although it really wasn't her fault. When she didn't come right back the flight attendant stopped by me and indicated that the bathroom door's lock sometimes sticks. Thank goodness she was paying attention! Poor little old grandma!

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