Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas means you're not a communist?

I was de-friended today on Facebook by a lifetime friend, for commenting on his post about people who say "happy holidays" as opposed to "merry Christmas" being either communists or too concerned about being PC. I must be a communist!

In the beginning of December I came into our office building to find the Christmas tree up and decorated but not a single Hannukah decoration was in sight. I suppose majority wins and given there are only 6 Jewish people in our company, why bother recognizing their holiday (which started the next day). Still...

I will wish a Merry Christmas to my friends that I know are Christian. I will also respond with a merry Christmas to people who greet or send me off with a cheery 'Merry Christmas". I assume they expect a Christmas response. But for people whose religious beliefs are unknown to me, or if I am talking to people about an entire season (including New Year's which I believe is considered a holiday), I choose to use Happy Holidays. It is a broader expression and covers not only a range of religious occasions but also the Bank holidays. Does that make me a communist? Am I doing it to be PC? I don't recall any thoughts about a political motive for my word choice.

In fact, by my friend de-friending me, I can only assume that because I offered a different point of view and didn't give a lemming response to his post, that he is the one who is potentially more communistic than I...if by being a communist you mean sharing of thoughts and feelings. Clearly I didn't share his thought or feeling so couldn't be part of his commune. Which also makes me laugh because the idea of a commune is based on an exchange of thoughts and ideas. Which is what I was doing when he kicked me out of his commune.

So he's the communist but I am one to commune.

Either way, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

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