Monday, August 22, 2011

The dog's on a diet and I gained all his weight

I promised him that we would do the diet together. No more treats, just regular dinners and as many carrots as we could eat.

He's done an outstanding job, losing 11 pounds so far and looking remarkably svelte for a 100 pound lab.

I on the other hand have completely ignored my commitment to the dog. For every carrot he ate, I ate a cookie or two. For each gobble of his kibble, I poured on more butter.

He renewed his energetic love of playing fetch as he dropped the pounds; I renewed my dislike of squeaky balls and discovered ways to engage in his game while lying on the sofa.

I buy 2 large bags of baby carrots each week and eat about 7 of them; he drools at the fridge waiting for the bag to come out and nearly inhales the 10 at a time I give to him.

Every night I remind myself that we're supposed to be doing this diet together. He simply wags his tail at me, reminding me he can do this on his own.

Why do I love the dog more than I love me?

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Blogger maryb said...

Once it gets cooler you can do more tennis.

But he IS looking very svelte. :)

7:53 PM  

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