Thursday, March 23, 2006

My network is a full time job

After you get out of college or grad school you think that the process of meeting people/friends becomes very challenging. I gotta say that the reality is if you met people at the pace you did in college for the rest of your life, you would NEVER be able to keep up with them all. I figure that between childhood friends, college friends, and all the friends that I have made in all the jobs I have had, it really is a full time job to keep up with this network. So to everyone that I haven't called back or responded to on an email... I still like you, I just can't keep up.

Owning a house with a yard and living in a 'warmer' climate has finally brought out the gardener in me. Every morning for the last 3 weeks I check out all the green things coming up (I don't know what 95% of them are, some are daffodils, some tulips, some ???). I have planted seeds in a little greenhouse planter and they are actually blooming! And, I am becoming obsessed with my lawn. There is a huge ancient Pecan tree in the front yard under which there is no grass but lots of pecan shells. In the back there is an actual ridge/line between the real grass and the green stuff that is growing where they took out the junk that was overgrown. This weekend I am off to discover if I need to spread weed killer before I seed, or after. Fertilizer before or/and after? When? Oh such things I never thought I'd be doing. But its kind of fun!