Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Amazing Human Body

It is something I for one have taken for granted almost everyday of my life. But recently I discovered that the human body is a pretty darn amazing thing and its about time that I start respecting it a bit more.

The body can grow things it isn't supposed to grow, and you don't even know it is happening. And it can turn around and regenerate itself in a remarkably short period of time after surgery.

Both of which boggle my mind, that it can be so impressive in its abilities.

Tied into all of that is my new found respect for really competent doctors who know how to communicate with patients. It doesn't matter if they are competent if they can't convince you that they know what they are doing and therefore earn your trust. And who would want a doctor that can say the right things but can't solve the problem or solves it in a less than perfect manner?

Which makes me feel both grateful and pissed off about the health care system in the USA. Grateful that I have really good insurance to enable me to address the amazing body's determination to grow things that don't belong. Pissed off that the most advanced society on the Earth can not find a way to ensure that each of our citizens has this ability.

And THAT reminds me that our wonderful country is being led by narrow-minded people who would rather live in fear than move ahead with technology that can improve human life, Stem cell research.

So if you think that you and your body can live isolated from the realities of no medical insurance, incompentent phsycians, and the malfunctions of the amazing human body, you're wrong. It will sneak up on you one day and like me, you will find yourself contemplating the body and the societal issues that keep some of us from medical solutions that can correct the malfunctions of the body and enable it to amaze us with its power to heal.